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New from Duck Battery Systems, ProbeGripz spot welding probe covers!

Probegripz provide excellent thermal insulation from hot spot welding probes on your Malectrics or kWeld spot welder, which allows you to weld faster, for longer!

No more constantly waiting for your probes to cool down so you can finish building your battery! For a professional battery builder, this improved efficiency can greatly increase your productivity, and therefore your income.

ProbeGripz are also much more comfortable to hold for long periods of time than a standard welding probe with no grip. 

In our testing, ProbeGripz continue to offer a comfortable and cool grip after over 2000 welds (Malectrics welder, 45ms, 4.5V, and 550A). Your results may vary. 

Installation is easy:

  1. Carefully cut the existing heat shrink off of your welding probes.
  2. Slide the open end of the ProbeGripz onto the welding probe.
  3. If needed, use a flat blade screw driver or other blunt prying tool to spread the ProbeGripz open while sliding it onto the welding probe.


WARNING: ProbeGripz are a very effective thermal insulator. After many welds, your welding probes and cables will get much hotter than the ProbeGripz. It is possible that your welding probes will get hot enough to burn you if you touch them directly, so be very careful to only touch the ProbeGripz while in use. 


  • STL files can be found here.